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Sheet Metal Bending Machine

This set up has been fabricated by the final year mechanical engineering students of 2018-19 pass out batch, HIT-K.

This machine is in use to bend aluminum and mild steel sheets with thickness range of 0.75 mm to 3 mm and maximum width of 450 mm to the desired angle (below 90 degree) . It is in use for Workshop Practice –II Lab (MECH 2113) and Workshop / Manufacturing Practices Lab (MECH1051) for sheet metal work.

Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Course materials on Machine Drawing – I (MECH 2111/MECH 2156)

Here the students may find some slides that may be helpful in their course MECH 2111 (Machine Drawing – I). Post syllabus modification, the course has been designated as MECH 2156.